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The Complete Guide To Finding The Cheapest Auto Insurance In Florida A majority or all of the items featured on this page are provided by our partners who pay us. This could affect the products we review and the location and manner in which the product is featured on the page. But it doesn't affect our opinions. Our opinions are solely ours. Here's a list of our partners and how we earn our money.

What is the cost of insurance for cars in Florida?

The cost for full coverage insurance for cars in Florida is $2,780 per calendar year, approximately 232 dollars per month based on NerdWallet's research. The minimum coverage for Florida is $1,084 for the year on average. However, we found that you could find a lower-cost policy. For instance, Geico offers the cheapest rates in Florida at $717 per year on average for the minimal coverage of car insurance for drivers aged 35 and older with an excellent driving record.

Cheapest auto insurance policy in Florida from 2022

The cost of insurance for cars in Florida is much higher than the average across the country. It is currently $2,762 for a year of full coverage. The minimum insurance is $997 annually. The higher rates in Florida are due to a variety of reasons, from an increase in the number of people living there and more motorists driving around to the higher risk of being a victim of severe weather. This could result in increased rates; however, finding cheap insurance for cars in Florida is likely. Bankrate's analysis discovered that Geico and Allstate provide the most affordable prices for minimal coverage in general, and State Farm and Geico offer low-cost full-coverage car insurance coverage in Florida with an average.

The average insurance premiums for full-coverage cars in Florida average $2,762 annually, five times higher than the nation's $1,771.

The minimum insurance coverage price within Florida is $997 annually, almost double that of the national average of $545 annually.

Florida is among the states in the nation which do not need bodily injury liability insurance. You must nevertheless demonstrate that you are obligated to cover the injuries you cause in an accident at fault by filing a self-insurance form.

What is HTML0? Bankrate selected the most affordable car insurance provider in Florida.

Data were reviewed across several insurance companies in order to help Florida motorists save money on their car insurance costs. Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services to review rates for 2022 on all ZIP codes and carriers. Rates are weighted according to the population density of every geographic region. The rates quoted are based on an age-appropriate 40-year-old male or female driver who has good driving records with good credit and the following coverage limitations:

$100 bodily injury liability per person
$300,000 bodily liability for injuries per accident
$50 property damage liability for each accident
$100,000 bodily injury of an uninsured motorist per person
$300,000 bodily injury to an uninsured driver per accident
$500 collision deductible
$500 comprehensive deductible

In order to determine the minimum limits for coverage, Bankrate used minimum coverage that meets the state's standards. The drivers in our base profile have the 2020 Toyota Camry, commute five days per week and travel for 12,000 miles per year.

Teen driver Rates for drivers aged 16 by adding an age-related driver to our base profile for 2022.

Incidents: The rates were determined using our 2022 baseline profile, which includes the following instances included: an at-fault crash or a single speeding ticket and one DUI conviction.

These are sample rates and should be used only for comparison purposes.

The cheapest Company to offer complete protection in Florida.

Our examination of premium rate data shows that State Farm and Geico are among the top choices for the lowest full-coverage insurance in Florida. Full coverage car insurance implies that you're adding collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. This provides financial protection against damage to your car.

If you're in search of fully-covered auto insurance that is within a budget, You might want to look into these companies:

CAR INSURANCE COMPANY AVERAGE ANNUAL FULL COVERAGE PREMIUM AVERAGE MONTHLY FULL COVERAGE PREMIUM State Farm $2,055 $171 Geico $2,103 $175 Allstate $2,784 $232 Progressive $2,986 $248


Cheapest cities of Florida for coverage minimum

Your location could affect your ability to obtain low-cost car insurance in Florida. Many drivers don't realize how the ZIP code they reside in affects the insurance cost. Comparing rates from one city to the next makes it easy to see the variation in the different states.

The average city annual coverage Cheapest auto insurance firm Company Annual minimum premium for coverage Marianna State Farm $598 State Farm $431 Malone $599 State Farm $431 Greenwood $599 State Farm $431 Ponce de Leon $620 State Farm $408

City minimum annual coverage average Cheapest automobile insurance provider Company annual minimum premium for coverage

Cheapest cities within Florida to get full coverage

Comparing quotes from multiple companies is crucial when you're considering the best way to save money on your full-coverage auto insurance in Florida. Because full coverage insurance is higher than the minimum insurance in Florida, the rates you pay for shopping when changing to a different ZIP area can be more vital.

Average annual premium of full coverage in the city Cheapest automobile insurance provider Company the average full-coverage premium per year Alachua $1,953 State Farm $1,526 Santa Rosa Beach $1,962 State Farm $1,451 Freeport $1,965 State Farm $1,451 Defuniak Springs $1,978 State Farm $1,451

Average annual full coverage cost Cheapest automobile insurance provider Company Annual full-coverage premium.

Florida auto insurance laws

Car insurance is required in nearly all states. In Florida (a state with no-fault), the requirements for car insurance coverage differ from the majority of states. Instead of requiring bodily injury liability insurance (which is generally required), Florida doesn't require it. Instead, personal accident insurance (PIP) is the only option to pay for the costs of injuries.

If you opt for the legal minimum coverage amount in Florida, anticipate you to shell out an average amount of $754 per year. This cost is less than the national average by 51%...

In order to cover the legal minimum insurance coverage in Florida, Expect to pay around $754 annually.

Find insurance rates for your car from the top insurance firms that are located in Florida.

Florida car insurance premiums based on rating factors

Many individual variables determine the amount you will pay for auto insurance, including your coverage amount as well as your driving history, your place of residence, and many others. To better understand the amount you'll be paying for premiums in Florida, We compiled average rates by grading the above factors.

Cheap auto insurance for Florida with poor credit

In most states, the credit score of your state is an element that influences the rate you pay. This is due to data that inform insurers that those with low credit scores be riskier, which means rates will be higher if you're not credit-worthy. In average Florida, people with low credit scores pay more than $2,533 per year than those with good credit. Look at the ways different companies bill people with poor credit below.

Average Company. annual premium United Automobile Ins Group $3,326

State Farm

Cheapest companies offering various coverage levels in Florida

It's not a secret that car insurance rates differ significantly from one person and from one Company to another. The cost of car insurance will also differ depending on the coverage you pick, your driving history, and many other aspects.

Alongside full coverage, there are state minimum and liability-only policies. As opposed to the full coverage, liability-only policies and state minimum policies usually provide coverage for damage to another driver's bodily injury as well as property damages in the event of an accident.

Some insurers do not provide the same coverage at the same cost. For example:

Geico is the most affordable option for the state minimum insurance.

Geico offers the lowest rate for liability-only coverage (50/100/50).

Geico offers the most affordable insurance on cars for a complete cover contract (100/300/100) within Florida.

The figures above (100/300/100) can amount to $100,000 in medical expenses for those you hurt, with a limit of $300,000 per accident and $100,000 for repairs to other motorists' vehicles and the property that you cause damage to.

Cheapest state-mandatory insurance in Florida

State laws require drivers to have a minimum amount of insurance coverage for their car, also called the minimum coverage requirements for the state. In Florida, you are required to be able to afford the following insurance coverage for your car.

Minimum coverage minimum limit property damage liability of $10,000 Personal injury protection of $10,000

Find out further about minimum liability requirements for car insurance in each state.

Below, you'll find the average annual costs for the top insurance companies in Florida, which are ranked from lowest to most high for minimum state coverage.

Annual Rates for Company Geico State Geico Minimum Geico $328 State Farm $678 Travelers $718 Nationally $850 Mercury $853

8 Tips on How to get a Low-Cost Car Insurance

1. Find a car that is affordable to maintain.

Certain models of cars are more expensive to insure than other models. The safer cars that are less expensive, such as minivans and SUVs, cost less, as more expensive sports cars that are fast and powerful.

2. Keep up your best behaviour.

Without a history of tickets, accidents or arrests are likely to be entitled to lower rates than those who aren't as accountable. In addition, those who have been convicted of a crime will typically have to pay higher rates, even if the conviction doesn't have anything to do with driving.

3. Profit from discounts.

You might be able to qualify if you're a veteran, receive papers-free statements and have a clean driving record, have bundle policies and are a student, and have an anti-theft program, among others.

4. Create good credit.

Your credit score will usually influence your auto insurance premiums - those without credit have to pay six times more for insurance than those with good credit, on average. Insurers are aware that financial responsibility can be linked with responsibility in other aspects of life. Credit-worthy people have a higher likelihood of making an insurance claim. To improve your credit rating, you must pay your credit cards promptly and use less than 30 percent of your credit.

5. Find out about local businesses.

There are many big-name nationwide insurance providers with many happy customers, but you don't have to go with one with customers from all over the nation. A lot of insurance firms only offer coverage to clients in specific areas or states. They might offer cheaper rates, but they are usually not considered. It is important not to leave them out of your search at a minimum.

6. You can choose the higher deductible.

A company may reduce your monthly costs in exchange for a greater amount you must personally pay when you submit a claim. It could reduce your costs even if you don't experience an accident. This method is the best option for those who are often drivers.

7. Select less comprehensive coverage.

There are various kinds of insurance for cars. The most common requirement is to pay for another party's damage if you're in the driver's seat of an accident. However, you don't necessarily need (to cover the expenses for repairs) as well (pay for damage that is not caused by accident). Both payouts are contingent on the value of your vehicle's current. If the car you have is old and more expensive to repair than buying an entirely new one, it's not worth the expense.

8. Consider pay-per-mile plans.

You don't have to pay a specific amount each month. Some plans are based on how often you use your vehicle. If you own a car but don't use it often or only for local driving, it could be the best option. Your insurance provider will install an instrument in your vehicle which tracks your miles. It can also monitor other factors like your speed and braking. This could impact your premiums positively if you're an experienced driver and negatively in the event that you're not.
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